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    StandardGold NG

    WebMoney . PerfectMoney . Bitcoin
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    Dedication To e-Curencies

    StandardGold is a fully accredited and official PerfectMoney Exchanger in Nigeria
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    Unbeatable Pricing

    WebMoney . PerfectMoney . Bitcoin

About SGN

Standard Gold is an e-commerce firm that engages on internet related business.

We offer the best rates, our fast cheap and reliable service ensures that you get the best value for your money. We have catered for the needs of e-currency users over the years keeping the lowest e-currency exchange rates on the long run. We give start up exchanger the lowest possible wholesale price for buying and selling e-currencies.


Happy Customers

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Completed Transactions

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Currencies Available

Our Available Currencies


Years Active

Open Since 2006

PerfectMoney ($)

450.00 BUY 430.00 SELL


Bitcoin ($)

455.00 BUY 440.00 SELL


WebMoney ($)

0.00 BUY 0.00 SELL


How To Buy/Sell.

We handle payments through our Bank Accounts. While payment for e-currencies sold to us by our clients is sent to ANY of the BANKS in Nigeria.

Our rates vary with the prevailing market prices and forces but we can assure you that we have the best rates around.

Any customer willing to by E-currency must have an SGN account, create a new account here if you have one already, LOGIN HERE with your User name and Password.

Click to buy E-currency and input the amount you want to buy in us Dollar.
Select the E-currency type you want to buy.
Click to Buy e-Currency button to generate a payment invoice with the transaction number. You may proceed to pay online or contact us for our bank information. The same would be sent to your registered Email.
Your transaction will be open for completion for 48 hours to allow you make payment and complete purchase/sale and will be shown in your transaction history.

How To Pay.

The name of depositor should be either your First Name and Transaction Number or your transaction number only. If your name is "Mark" and the transaction number is "210912", the depositor's name should be Mark (210912) or 210912.

In case of internet transfer, it is required that you specify your transaction reference number in the Notes/Memo/Reference/Message purpose field provided by your Bank.
NOTE: we do not accept third party transfer. All payment originates from yourself only and be ready to provide proof of the ownership of funds as may be requested.